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Founded in Nov 2019

Refer-get paid is a one time referral program where you will be able to become an agent/affiliate and earn mouth watery commissions once you refer individuals/people to the program. We discover that not all people can get paid jobs/start a business on their own. Some considerable people have the instincts and talents of referring people to businesses/companies and that’s one of the reasons why we initiate this referral program. Refer-get paid is a human capacity capacity and entrepreneurship development company. We are Multi-Level Marketing(MLM) network that came onto inception in 2019 to help people overcome poverty.As a confirmation that the proper chord had been struck,the concept will quickly attracted an enormous variety of participants from all walks of life-young, old, literate, illiterate, civil servants, traders, artisans, pensioners, farmers, students and other low income earners whose fortunes will takes an upward swing.


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