Refer and getpaid classified Ads system is a system where our faithful participants grow their business across to large audience on popular social media platforms. Our Ads system has been built using the latest technology to deliver the best result to all our prospective advertisers and at the same enriching both the advertisers and those sharing the adverts financially.

Our Ads system is our own way of helping our faithful participants build their businesses across to a large audience at the very lowest price ever.

How To Get Started 

To start creating Adverts, Log on to your dashboard through Login, navigate to the Menu Icon, click the advert-home link, on the advert homepage, click the the Post your ads button on the menu, follow the instruction on the page to creating your ads and you good to go.

Once you have created our advert successfully, navigate to My advert page on the menu to view the adverts you have created for yourself, note that as at the time of creating the advert, its not yet available to the audience for viewing but only you, to make it available, you have activate such advert by clicking the  located below the advert, then the system will automatically deducted whatever advert points you have chosen at the point of creating the advert from your premium earnings.

What are advert points

Advert points are points allocated to a particular advert choose by the advert creator at the point of creating the advert, this point is equivalent to the amount to be paid at the point of activating such advert, whenever anyone helps you share your advert, if such person is a premium member, 5 points which is equivalent to 5 naira will be deducted from your advert points, if such person is a free member 1 point which is equivalent to 1 naira will be deducted from your advert points therefore once your advert point has reached zero, your advert will no longer be displayed across our pages, you will have to reactivate it again.

Eligibility To Creating Ads

As said earlier, our classified Ads system was created to help boost our faithful participants businesses, so for you to be eligible to start creating advert on the system, you have be a registered member firstly Click here to register an account, note that you have a sponsor, once you have registered an account successfully, upgrade your account to premium, navigate to the upgrade.

How to earn as a participant sharing adverts to popular social media pages

As said earlier, we are committed to help our faithful members getting their various business adverts across to a large audience, so whenever is been created, as a participant, you are to navigate a particular advert page by clicking on such advert, on getting to page, click on the facebook share button to share such advert to your social media page and get paid for it. Sharing to the whatsapp page attracts no reward.

kindly note that as a premium member, whenever you share an advert, the sum of 5 naira will be credited to your premium wallet, while a free member gets 1 naira credited to his/her premium wallet, as a premium earner, if you want earn more sharing the advert, kindly upgrade your account.

At the same time, kindly note that you get paid once per day sharing a particular advert content, to earn more, you are navigate to share other premium adverts to share and earn more.

Enjoy using our Ads system booting your desired businesses to the audience.

Feel free to contact us for more information using the whatsapp button located across our pages, we hope to hear from you soon.