Good day,

Happy new month from all of us at RAGP (Refer and Get Paid).

We are glad to inform you that Refer and Get Paid has just clocked 7 months of nonstop operations of creating an enabling environment for members here in the online community towards creating a sustainable financial life for themselves.

Once again, we at Refer and Get Paid are using this medium to appreciate every great minds out there who have been part of this great community, together we can build the online community we are all craving for.

However, we using this medium to bring to the notice of our faithful and passionate participants  of our upcoming updates on the system. As we keep growing day-by-day, we are as well committed to improving the system functionalities and policies towards delivering the best results.

Below are our upcoming updates on the system :-

  1. Change in the RAGP homepage appearance : We have decided to change the look and feel of the homepage to give members and visitors a better navigating experience.
  2. Suspension of daily content sharing activities : Sharing of advert content, the daily activities of sharing our advert content to popular social media platforms was created only to create awareness for the platform, for now the team have decided to suspend this functional part of the system until further notice, we are putting more focus on the networking and advert part of the system, we highly appreciate everyone who have been part of this functional part of the system and have earned massively from it.
  3. Increment on direct referral bonus : In our quest to continue to reward hard working members, we have decided to increase the direct referral bonus from ₦ 500 to ₦ 600. Anticipate for more mouth-watering commissions from us.
  4. Improved features on advert system : As more features are been introduced to the system day-by-day, we using this medium to encourage our faithful participants to take full advantage of this functional part of the system to promote their various goods, services and businesses, get your businesses and services across to a large increasing number of users across the social media network at the very lowest rate.
  5. Reduction in minimum withdrawal : As said earlier, the team are working rigorously to ensure things get more easier for its participants, therefore, we have decided to reduce the minimum withdrawal amount from ₦ 3000 to ₦ 1000, with this, every hardworking participants won't have to wait too long to withdraw their funds on every withdrawal days and be happy.
  6. Testimony : Henceforth, there will be compulsory testimony for every withdrawal made on the system. This is to give members the access to express themselves about the platform.
  7. Withdrawal charges : Henceforth, there will be withdrawal charges for every withdrawal made on the platform. withdrawals between ₦1000 - ₦4999 attracts withdrawal charges of ₦50 while withdrawals from ₦ 5000  and above attracts withdrawal charges of ₦100.
  8. Change in Registration, Login and Forgot password Url : Henceforth, once our new homepage has been changed, all our previous login and registration page will be dropped, therefore, all participant are to visit our homepage click the login link on the menu and register,login and reset their password from there.

Kindly note that update 2357 takes effect starting from 15th June 2020 while update 146, 8 takes effect anytime from now.

Other updates are to improve the functionalities of the system towards giving  participants an itch free surfing on the system.

Success is sweet but the secret is sweat, take advantage of this great opportunity to create a non stop passive income for yourself, you will be glad you did.

Keep building a financial network, Thank you for choosing RAGP (Refer and Get paid).

Thank you for reading.

RAGP Team.