How RAGP works

How it works

How it works


How it works

Go to


How can I register?

Locate the registration button and fill in your correct details (Registration is free and you can upgrade to premium


What's next after registration?

On successful registration, log in to and enter your correct login details

On successful login, you will be redirected to your dashboard which contains all your earnings, transaction history and other useful links.


How can I Earn?

You can earn by refering your friends and family and earn #500 for each person referred, at same time you are entitled to earn #300 naira when your downline refers too.

You earn #100 when your downline downlines refer too.

Share our sponsored link which can be shared across to all popular social media platforms and earn #30 per link shared.


How can I start with advert on RAGP?

You can promote your advert on RAGP if you have money in your dashboard account. (Premium member only)


What if I don't have business to advertise?

You can share advert on social media and Earn. Premium member Earns 5point which equal to N5

Free members earn 1 point equal to N1.

What are advert points?

Advert points are points allocated to a particular advert choose by the advert creator at the point of creating the advert, this point is equivalent to the amount to be paid at the point of activating such advert, whenever anyone helps you share your advert, if such person is a premium member, 5 points which is equivalent to 5 naira will be deducted from your advert points, if such person is a free member 1 point which is equivalent to 1 naira will be deducted from your advert points therefore once your advert point has reached zero, your advert will no longer be displayed across our pages, you will have to reactivate it again.

How can I create ads?

Classified Ads system was created to help boost our faithful participant’s businesses, so for you to be eligible to start creating advert on the system, you have be a registered member firstly Click here to register an account, note that you have a sponsor, once you have registered an account successfully, upgrade your account to premium, navigate to the upgrade.

How to earn as a participant sharing adverts to popular social media pages?

Whenever ads is been created, as a participant, you are to navigate a particular advert page by clicking on such advert, on getting to page, click on the facebook share button to share such advert to your social media page and get paid for it. Sharing to the whatsapp page attracts no reward.

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